Making Your Baby’s Dental Visit Pleasant

We understand what it’s like to have a child who’s tired at the dentist’s office. Trust us, we’ve been there, both in our personal lives with our own children and in our professional lives, working with families at our practice. Here are a few recommendations you can implement to make your appointment to our office a smidge easier, for you... read more »

Teething Signs

In some ways, it may seem absurd to speak about how you’ll tell when your baby is teething. You’ll recognize the signs immediately, and everyone within earshot will too; the baby’s not exactly going to be silent about it. But it’s best to be prepared to aid your child immediately so you can keep the crying for a minimum, for... read more »

Holiday Oral Hygiene Helps for Kids

The holidays are an exciting--especially for the young (and the young at heart!). With all the parties and presents, it’s easy to find brushing teeth boring and uninteresting. But don’t get coal in your stocking this year by forgetting to brush! Here are some good ways to stay motivated. Turn up the Tunes: The holiday season brings back lots of... read more »

Avoiding Baby Bottle Tooth Decay with Proper Dietary Choices

Although modifying diet to thwart certain damaging foods is a good idea, there are some additional methods that can help your child avoid the development of early childhood caries. If juice is something your child loves, think about watering it down. If your child likes cake, don't frost it as much. Opt for non-gummy, non-tough candies instead of gummies and... read more »

Steps for Flossing like a Professional

When you and your child visit Children's Dental Care & Orthodontics for a checkup, you might be astounded at how expertly our dental hygienist flosses your teeth. To us, flossing is an art that can be perfected with each attempt. We’d love to tell you our secret to perfect flossing. Here are the steps: First, cut 18 inches of floss.... read more »

Tooth Fairy Aspirations

Your child is about to lose their first tooth. You know what this means: it’s time for the Tooth Fairy! But you’ve never taken on this responsibility before. How does one become the Tooth Fairy? Dr. Hunter, Dr. Coe, and our team are happy to offer some fun ideas. Setting Expectations Your child will lose their baby teeth from about... read more »

Your Child’s Dental Visit

Your child’s very first dental visit should be early in life. In fact, she should see the dentist within six months after her first tooth has come in, but before her first birthday. Ideally, you should not wait until your child has a toothache or another dental emergency before bringing her in. Regular dental visits, starting at an early age... read more »

The Advantages of Receiving Early Orthodontic Treatment

Because of the advancements in orthodontic technology, it’s possible to align the smiles of many at the early years of life. This is often part of two-phase orthodontics, which is the process of correcting smile problems at a younger age to prepare for a complete orthodontic treatment in the future. If your orthodontist, Dr. Carla LaLande, recommended that your child... read more »

Developing Good Brushing Habits

Practicing dental hygiene is a must — anyone who’s been kissed can agree to that. Yet while you hope your child won’t be snogging for roughly the next 20 years, starting down the road to good oral health is a necessity with your children while they’re still young. That’s why at Children's Dental Care & Orthodontics, we want to ensure... read more »