To help your child have a safe and relaxing restorative dental treatment, Dr. Carla LaLande might use general anesthesia during the appointment. This is a great tool for extensive or complicated procedures that might take some time to complete. It’s also necessary if the child needs multiple treatments performed at one time.

If your child indeed needs general anesthesia, then the treatment will most likely be performed at a location outside the dental office, like a hospital. The anesthesia will make sure your child doesn’t feel any pain as well as remember the treatment.

When using the anesthesia, Dr. Carla LaLande will inject it into the hand or arm and may be supplemented with a face mask. The anesthetic will relax the entire body but will still allow your child to breathe normally and maintain normal reflexes.

Before undergoing the general anesthesia, Dr. Carla LaLande and a member of our anesthesia staff will meet with you to discuss the treatment as well as take your child’s vital signs, assess their weight, and examine their medical history. As a parent or guardian, you must sign a consent form in order for your child to undergo general anesthesia.

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