Babies have a set of 20 primary teeth, which are also known as baby teeth, and no matter how healthy they are, they will eventually fall out of place. The teeth also exfoliate, which means part of the tooth dissolves. When the new teeth emerge, they destroy the root of the baby teeth. This is when a baby tooth falls out of place. Here is a basic timeline of when you can expect your child to gain and lose their teeth:

Upper TeethTooth EmergesTooth Falls Out
Central incisor (The two front teeth)8 – 12 mos.6 – 7 yrs
Lateral incisor (Left and right of the two front teeth)9 – 13 mos.7 – 8 yrs
Canine (cuspid) (“Dracula” teeth)16 – 22 mos.10 – 12 yrs
First molar (The first big tooth)13 – 19 mos.9 – 11 yrs
Second molar (Tooth furthest from your two fronts)25 – 33 mos.10 – 12 yrs
Lower Teeth
Central incisor6 – 10 mos.6 – 7 yrs
Lateral incisor10 – 16 mos.7 – 8 yrs
Canine (cuspid)17 – 23 mos.9 – 12 yrs
First molar14 – 18 mos.9 – 11 yrs
Second molar23 – 31 mos.10 – 12 yrs

It’s recommended to bring your baby in to see Dr. Carla LaLande no later than their first birthday. If you delay their first appointment, there is a high chance they can suffer serious and severe dental issues. It’s also important to brush your child’s teeth regularly and check their mouth occasionally to monitor the progress of their smile growth.

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