Teething is common in children who are 3 months to 2 years old. It most often begins when the child is 5 or 6 months old. Teething patterns vary widely from child to child and there is no way to accurately predict when the child will grow their teeth.

Teething pain will usually begin about a month before the tooth erupts from the gums. During this time, the gums will become swollen and tender. The larger teeth are often more painful than other teeth because of the size. Generally, the bottom two front teeth erupt first and the top two teeth erupt second.

There are many signs of a teething baby. First, the infant will be extremely cranky, especially at night with less distractions. It’s normal for your child to cry during the teething process; however, sometimes they can be crying about something else, like an ear infection. So make sure you consider all reasons your child might be crying.

Other symptoms of a teething baby include:

• Drooling
• Gum swelling and sensitivity
• Irritability
• Biting
• Refusing food
• Sleeping difficulty

To soothe your child, you can treat the sore gums with cold foods, chilled pacifiers, and even popsicles. However, make sure the popsicle is sugar free. You can also give your child a small dose of acetaminophen as a pain reliever. Lastly, you can apply a topical pain relief gel to the gums. However, be careful not to use too much.

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