Holiday Oral Hygiene Helps for Kids

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The holidays are an exciting–especially for the young (and the young at heart!). With all the parties and presents, it’s easy to find brushing teeth boring and uninteresting. But don’t get coal in your stocking this year by forgetting to brush! Here are some good ways to stay motivated.

Turn up the Tunes: The holiday season brings back lots of favorite classic tunes. Most are at least 2 minutes long, which is the amount of time you need to spend brushing your teeth. So grab your brush, pick your favorite tune, and start rockin’ around! Just don’t rock too hard–make sure you stay safe and get your teeth totally clean!

Make a Countdown Chain: Make a paper chain with the number of days to your favorite holiday, or even to the new year! Arrange for a non-food treat, like a new toothbrush in your favorite color, or a walk in the park. For every day you brush twice, you get to take off a link. When you reach the end of the chain, you get your reward!

Routine: Make brushing your teeth part of your bedtime routine. Remind your parents that teeth need to be brushed as soon as they appear–even baby teeth! Cavities are no fun, at any age. And you certainly don’t want a toothache messing up your holiday!

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