How to Avoid Thumb Sucking Habits in Young Children

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Did you know that sucking on thumbs can damage your smile and your natural teeth alignment? Given the dangers that exist, thumb sucking should be discouraged when you see your child begin to practice the habit. Listed below are helpful tips on how to avoid thumb sucking habits in young children:

– Pacifiers are just as bad for a child’s oral health as thumb sucking can be, but pacifiers do tend to be an easier habit to break and wean children off of.

– Pediatricians can implement nasty substances to wean children off of thumb sucking by placing the substance on their thumbs.

– It is important to build a sense of self-worth in children to boost their self-esteem and help them rely less on thumb sucking as a means of a security blanket or protection.

– Bacteria from a child’s thumb can easily end up in their mouth when they suck their thumb, which opens a child up to a multitude of heightened risks associated with poor oral hygiene and bad bacteria in your mouth.

– Thumb sucking can delay a child’s oral health progress and slow the rate at which teeth grow in.

– Children who suck their thumbs are statistically more likely to develop alignment issues with their teeth.

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