Is Baby Teeth Grinding Dangerous?

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Baby teeth grinding can send chills down your spine. As your child clenches their jaws and rub their chompers together, it makes you want to yell for help. You don’t want your baby to wear down their little teeth, right? Well, to help you feel more at ease about baby teeth grinding in Las Vegas, Nevada, Dr. Carla LaLande has some information for you.

Your baby grinds their teeth because they are likely trying to soothe their gums when they are teething, because they are testing out their new little chompers, or because they are trying to soothe pain from an earache or discomfort from an allergy. This habit can be found with a lot of babies, so you’re not alone.

Baby teeth grinding should naturally cease as your child gets older, and, frankly, it’s not something to worry too much about. Although it can wear the baby teeth down, they will eventually lose those teeth and grow new, permanent teeth. However, this habit shouldn’t wear down the teeth too much. If your child continues to grind their teeth when their new teeth grow into place, that’s when you should alert your dentist.

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