Principles Concerning Teething

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If you have a child who is starting to teethe, you must do your part to ensure their smile will shine through for years to come. Teething begins in children when teeth rub against the gum line and break through to become visible in their mouth. It can cause infants and young children discomfort and pain that may need treatments to help them.

For a better understanding of the basics, listed below are principles concerning teething:

– Your child may begin teething as soon as their first tooth erupts above the surface of the gums around six months of age.

– Teething tablets can be administered to older children, but should not be used for children under the age of 2, unless under the direction of your pediatrician. Rather, seek out simple teething treatments such as teething rings, cool utensils such as spoons and gauze pads, or even clean fingers to rub against your child’s gums.

– Some symptoms can pose an enhanced risk to your child and should be treated immediately. This includes symptoms such as diarrhea, fevers, and unexplained rashes.

– There are many indications that can arise that can clue you into the possibility that your child is teething, including noticeable changes in your child’s personality traits, including changes with their sleep and eating habits, as well as excessive fussiness, irritability, and drooling.

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