Oral sedation is a handy in-office tool that Dr. Carla LaLande and our dental team use to help your child feel relaxed in the dental chair. Our team will provide a liquid medication that helps eliminate any nervous or anxious feelings your child experiences. To find out if this sedative is right for your child, please call Children's Dental Care & Orthodontics at 702-254-8858 and talk to a member of our dental team.

Oral sedation is a form of conscious sedation that our dentist may recommend to help ensure that your child has a comfortable and enjoyable experience in our office. Easily administered in liquid form, oral sedation is quick and easy to use. Because oral sedation is a form of conscious sedation, your child will remain awake during their treatment, but they will feel relaxed; in some cases, they may be so relaxed that they fall asleep! There are many benefits to using oral sedation, including:

  • Oral sedation simply involves drinking the provided amount of medicine. It is quick and easy.
  • There are no needles.
  • It quickly produces effective amnesic effects to create a comfortable experience.
  • Oral sedation often costs less than other forms of sedation.

If you and our dentist determine that oral sedation is right for your child, our office will provide the proper amount of medicine when you come into our office. This will help your child relax quickly and remain relaxed throughout their treatment. It may take a few hours for the effects to wear off once your child’s treatment is complete; our dentist will provide any necessary post-treatment care that is necessary for your situation.

For more information about the benefits of oral sedation and how it can help your child have a more positive experience at the dentist, we invite you to call or visit us today.