We Make Kids Happy through Healthy Smiles!

At Children’s Dental Care, we strive to ensure every child and family feels welcome, safe, informed, and comfortable. We want your little ones to grow up with a healthy, happy smile and feel at home in the dental environment!

Dr. LaLande, Dr. Zarkesh, and Dr. Friesen are pediatric dentists: They have specialized postdoctorate training in caring for infants, children, adolescents, and youth with special healthcare needs. Their extensive experience and knowledge empowers them to provide the highest quality of clinical care while meeting a child’s emotional and developmental needs as well.

Backed by the rest of our team, our doctors are skilled at interacting with children in a positive and non-threatening manner. We are kind, compassionate, and extremely patient: dedicated to earning your child’s trust and fostering a passion for taking care of his or her smile’s health!

Why Choose Children’s Dental Care as Your Child’s Dentist?

We have been honored to serve Las Vegas and the surrounding communities since 2002. During that time, we have established a stellar reputation as a pediatric dental office that cares about patients as individuals.

Partnering with Parents: Our doctors and staff work closely with parents to understand their desires and constraints. This information is incorporated into each child’s treatment plan, along with an emphasis on prevention and education. By designing care to meet a child’s growing needs, while also addressing the family’s concerns, we help our patients to develop healthy smiles.

Positive and Supportive Dentistry: A child’s early dental experiences make a lasting impression. In providing a safe, reassuring, and nurturing atmosphere, where each boy and girl is treated with compassion, we help everyone learn that a dental visit is nothing to worry about.

Fun Environment: As a pediatric dental practice, we have designed our office to engage and entertain children, starting the minute they step through the door. Our waiting room features a game projector that shines a game on the floor: We have kids and parents playing it! We also provide TVs and iPads, TVs in the ceiling of the treatment area, and cool sunglasses for children to wear while in they’re in the chair.

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Located in Las Vegas, we welcome infants, children, teens, and special needs youth from North Las Vegas, Henderson, and surrounding areas. Please contact us to learn more and schedule a visit for your young family member today.

At Children’s Dental Care, We Make Kids Happy through Healthy Smiles!

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