Your Child’s Dental Checkup

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Having regular dental appointments is important for your child’s oral health. Dr. Carla LaLande suggests that your child come in for a checkup at least twice a year. Depending on your child’s oral health, he or she may need to visit our office more often. Our dentist will examine your child’s unique smile and determine his or her individual needs. It is important that you bring your child to Children's Dental Care & Orthodontics as recommended because our dentist can detect dental health issues early during these visits. If an issue is caught early, treatment will be less invasive and more affordable. If you bring your child in for their regular checkups, our dentist can prevent some issues from occurring in the first place.

When you bring your child in for his or her appointment, our hygienist will first use a small, metal tool to remove all plaque and tartar from his or her teeth. Then the hygienist will floss between each of their teeth. Dental fluoride may then be applied. Then your child’s teeth will be polished to give them extra shine.

Our dentist will then examine all of your child’s teeth and gums for signs of decay, inflammation, or other dental issues. X-rays may be taken to get a closer look at the teeth and the surrounding bone. Our dentist may also review and update your child’s dental health history.

Our dentist will discuss any detected issues with you. A treatment plan will be suggested and explained. Of course, you have the final say about your child’s oral health. If needed, our dentist or hygienist will educate your child about proper tooth brushing and flossing. Contact our office to learn more and to schedule your child’s dental visit in Las Vegas, Nevada.